Garrigues-Segarra Canal floodgates

Compuertas del Canal Segarra Garrigues

Garrigues-Segarra Canal floodgates

ACUAES (Aguas de las Cuencas de España, S.A.)
2007 - In construction
Type of service:

Coutex, Equipos y Proyectos, S.A. was the winning bidder for the design, supply and installation of all the Segarra-Garrigues Canal floodgates in the six sections of the construction. Each section is being carried out by a different contractor.

The Segarra-Garrigues Canal is one of the most important hydraulic irrigation works in Europe. It is 85-km long and supplies 70,150 hectares, of which 47,100 are new hectares converted for irrigation, benefiting a total of 17,000 irrigation users in 70 different municipalities. 

The design was based on the functional and dimensional requirements for each section. All the end designs for each floodgate were produced in 3D.


Technical data

Types of equipment

Taintor gates.
Canal floodgates.
Wall floodgates.

Quality and traceability

All the materials used to manufacture the floodgates are certified of European Union origin. The floodgates were made from carbon steel, the seals from EPDM rubber and the profiles from AISI 304L stainless steel.

Comprehensive solution

The floodgates are supplied as a turnkey project, from the initial conception of the design to the programming of automated elements and communications.