Assembling a new penstock for the Canal de la Dreta de l'Ebre in Xerta, Tarragona

Assembling a new penstock for the Canal de la Dreta de l'Ebre in Xerta, Tarragona

Replacing a penstock on the Canal de la Dreta de l'Ebre in Xerta. This project required a cofferdam on the Ebro River to provide dry land to work on.

Comunidad General de Regantes de la Derecha del Ebro
December 2021 to March 2022
Type of service:

The Ebro Delta Natural Park, one of a kind in the Mediterranean, is Catalonia’s largest wetland and home to a rich array of marine biodiversity, and flora and fauna. The Ebro Delta has a surface area of 2,170 km2, 325 of which belong to the Delta sprawling with agricultural land, wetlands and lagoons. 

The Dreta de l’Ebre Irrigation Community provides its services to 4,952 people across ten organisations: Xerta Irrigation Community, Aldover Area, Roquetes Irrigation Community, Delta Area, Prats Area, Sant Carles de la Ràpita Area, Villafranco del Delta Area, Sant Jaume de Enveja Community, Isla de Río Area and Isla de Buda Area. 

This service involves replacing a penstock located on the Xerta Avantcanal. Divided into two hydraulic cylinder-operated panels, this penstock is made of S275JR carbon steel and measures 12,500 x 4,800 mm. 

Given the unique features and placement of this penstock, assembly will require an additional set of highly complex procedures. 

In the short time available, a double sand cofferdam is built to provide dry land and a sectioned off area to work. Furthermore, progress is made on the cutting and embedding work needed to replace the penstock. 

After the special shipments are unloaded on site, the panels, cylinders and hydraulic unit are assembled, which is then connected to the cylinders and electrical panel.


Technical data


Heavy duty crane
Unloading, stockpiling, and placing panels 

Cutting and demolition tools 

Mechanical equipment 

Width: 12,500 mm 
Height: 4,800 mm 

S275JR carbon steel