Design and manufacture of equipment for the WWTP in Ali Mendjeli (Argelia).

Design and manufacture of equipment for the WWTP in Ali Mendjeli (Argelia).

Design, manufacture and packaging of the electromechanical equipment for the WWTP: gates, automatic screens, clarifiers, grit classifiers, screw conveyors and grease concentrators.

O.N.A. (Office National de l'Assainissement Algérie)
Beginning of works march 2016, duration 30 months.
Type of service:

Ali Mendjeli is newly created city located south of Constantine, its name is a tribute to the Algerian military and politician of the same name who fought successfully in the war of independence of Algeria. 

The new WWTP of Ali Mendjeli, sized for 260,000 equivalent inhabitants is a project promoted and financed by the Office

National de l'Assainissement (ONA) of Algeria, a public entity belonging to the Ministère des Ressources en Eau.

All the supplied equipment passed an inspection by a member delegation from the ONA which moved to Barcelona before the shipment.


Technical data

6 Chain driven automatic screens with a bar space up to 6mm and 1 manual screen at the entry, all made of stainless steel AISI304L.

2 Diametral suction secondary clarifiers of 55m, 2 longitudinal bridges for degreasing and grit removal, and 2 sludge thickeners, all made of stainless steel AISI316L.

Other equipment: 
1 Grease concentrator
1 Grit classifier
3 Screw press-conveyor
1 Clamshell Grabs
Set of water collectors and bushings for the WWTP.