Supply and assembly of spillway sluices for the Peñadrada weir

Compuerta del azud de Peñadrade

Supply and assembly of spillway sluices for the Peñadrada weir

Design, fabrication, transport and assembly of two fixed wheel sluices on the Peñadrada weir in Matarrosa del Sil, Ponferrada.

Endesa Generación, S.A.
January 2015
Type of work:
Dams and irrigation networks

The Peñadrada reservoir is in the fluvial course of the river Sil, downstream from Las Ondinas reservoir.

The project consisted of complete substitution, including the whole activation system, of the existing spillway sluices in a bad condition. 

The work performed was:

- Conditioning the bank for access to a work zone upstream from the sluices, maintaining the ecological flow.  

- Withdrawal of the activation system and the present sluices. 

- Improvement of the present closing system, replacing the existing plates. 

- Installation of new sluices.

- Installation of the oleo-hydraulic system and the new system of control and regulation  boards. 

- Reconditioning the entrances to the original situation.  


Technical data

Fixed wheel canal sluice:

- 2 sluices 11 m wide x 2.5 m in height.

- Total run of the 5.5 m. sluice.

- 1 hydraulic equipment to activate the two sluices by means of two telescopic cylinders with two stages each one.  

- Working pressure of 105 bar.

- Made of S275-JR carbon steel.

- The turning axes of all the wheels and seal plates made of AISI 316L stainless steel.

- A4 bolt set.