Sorigué takes on maintenance of Madrid’s iconic Plaza de España

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Sorigué takes on maintenance of Madrid’s iconic Plaza de España

May 2, 2022

This one-year contract with Madrid City Council includes fully maintaining green spaces and preserving all the square’s infrastructure and architectural features.

Backed by Sorigué’s expertise, Madrid’s renovated Plaza de España will see all its green spaces kept in tip-top conditions. Through Ambitec, its green infrastructure expert, this May the Group will begin fully maintaining this public space, which includes cleaning, preserving and maintaining its parks and gardens, as well as its distribution and sewer networks, furniture, playgrounds, pavements and other architectural features within this area covering 75,400 square metres.
Under this one-year contract, renewable for three more terms, the Sorigué Group makes a commitment to Madrid City Council to care for this iconic plaza which has grown into a major landmark for Spain’s capital.
Thanks to unprecedented remodelling, the square’s new layout features a completely different arrangement of green spaces and over 1,000 newly-planted trees. This new “green pocket” in the city features holm oaks growing around the statue of Don Quijote and new plant species brought to this space, with Sorigué in charge of tending to all its gardens and green areas by watering, fertilising, improving and supplying soil and carrying out maintenance and replacement work.
Comprehensive Service

The opening of new pedestrian corridors connecting the plaza to other city spots has created constant pedestrian traffic, meaning that levels of cleanliness need to be kept high. In this sense, in addition to cleaning gardens, furniture, playgrounds and some of the plaza’s monuments and buildings, graffiti will also be removed. Sorigué is also responsible for getting this space ready for large events, and for post-event cleaning.

There is a recreational area in the new Plaza de España, which includes four children’s areas, as well as exercise equipment for senior citizens and furniture designed for relaxation. All these structures, including wooden elements, signposts and signage, will undergo maintenance and preservation work.
Maintaining and repairing the sewer system (rainwater drainage, collection and waste), irrigation circuits and electrical grids, lighting, facilities and lifts also fall under this contract.
Lastly, the company will carry out the tasks needed to properly maintain all paved and unpaved areas and brings its water industry expertise to Plaza de España to maintain and preserve drinking fountains and manage water usage.
Close Partnership with Madrid
Sorigué has nurtured a strong relationship with Madrid and the greater Madrid area for over 30 years, resulting in major contracts, such as the framework agreements with Madrid City Council’s Road Maintenance Directorate for the Carabanchel, Puente de Vallecas, Retiro, Usera, Moncloa-Aravaca, Latina and Barajas districts; the green infrastructure maintenance contract with Parla City Council, approaching its 10th year; and the various different water-cycle service and works contracts for the Isabel II canal.
The company has also boosted its operations in Spain’s capital thanks to its new offices in the Vicálvaro district, which has been coordinating the company’s Technology and Utilities business divisions out of Madrid since 2018. With its focus on city utilities, Sorigué continues to consolidate its position in the industry based on its proven experience.