RCD3 Chain Screen

RCD3 Chain Screen

The RCD3 Chain Screen is the result of an innovation process started by the company in 2016 to obtain a product that eliminates waste such as wet wipes and other personal hygiene products which currently arrive at sewage treatment plants.

For some time, both Public Administrations and companies dedicated to wastewater purification have been warning about the arrival of a new type of waste like wet wipes and other similar personal hygiene products at the purification stations.

This type of waste is composed of fibers which take much more time to decompose than traditional waste. These products appear at the end of the process in shreds, obstructing the passage of other waste.

The general dumping of this new type of waste into toilets creates serious blockages and breakages in the sewage treatment equipment and facilities, which keeps them from functioning properly. It also causes environmental damage.

The RCD3 Chain Screen is a self-cleaning screen for which all design features have been planned for the elimination of both new waste (wet wipes and personal hygiene products) as well as conventional waste.

Once the RCD3 Screen pretreatment phase is completed and the waste is removed, the wastewater continues to be purified in the primary, biological and secondary treatment phases, without causing any problems derived from the presence of this waste.

The implementation and continuous operation of this new range of equipment at different wastewater purification stations has confirmed that it meets the client’s needs. They perform adequate automatic removal of this new waste, decreasing stoppages and breakages in the equipment.


Technical data

Main features of the RCD3 Chain Screen

The frame has structural elements that provide support to the different functional elements such as the geared motor, motor sprockets, iron bars and chain guides, among others.
The motor system is totally protected with easy-access doors and is sized to the waste removal requirements.
The geared motor is equipped with the power and the appropriate transmission factor for the planned requests. The turn is transmitted to the drive axle, which tightens the motor sprockets. This axle is supported on both sides by self-aligning bearings fixed to the frame.

The motor sprockets and the cables have heavy-load resistance characteristics and resistance to inevitable corrosion from use.
Its mechanical characteristics depend on the demands of each client.
The bars of the screen, the combs, the comb cleaners and the cleaning plate, as well as the frame attachment systems for all of these elements, are designed to remove the new type of waste.

The screen is equipped with many cleaning combs according to the dimensions of the machine, to achieve a high cleaning frequency.
The construction materials of the RCD3 are chosen according to the concrete needs of the operation and the client. Surface-treated stainless steel is the material most used by our company.