Llosa del Cavall Reservoir

Presa del embalse de la Llosa del Cavall

Llosa del Cavall Reservoir

High-level supply from the Llosa del Cavall reservoir to the districts of Solsonès, Anoia, and Bages. Works consisting of the construction of a Drinking Water Treatment Plan (DWTP) with capacity of 350 l/s, and associated 70-km high-level supply network.

Aguas de las Cuencas Mediterráneas (ACUAMED)
February 2010 - January 2015
Type of work:
Hydraulic Infrastructures
30,605,203.85 € (VAT excluded)

Works consisted of the construction of a Drinking Water Treatment Plant (DWTP) with two treatment lines and with total capacity of 350 l/s. Water is collected at the intermediate drain of the Llosa del Cavall Dam, located approximately 1.2 km upstream from the General Pumping Station (GPS) that feeds the DWTP. 

From the DWTP, water is distributed to the high-level supply network through some 44.7 km of steel piping with 610 mm diameter, and 22.24 km of smaller branches. The network includes a 3,000 m³ load-break and regulation tank, from which most of the distribution branches depart. 


Technical data

Catchment occurs at a clamp existing on the intermediate drain of the Llosa del Cavall Dam.      
General Pumping Station:        
Comprised of three pumps with 600 m³/h at 51 mWc, which are activated based on the level of the reservoir. 

Primary piping:
44,743 m of steel piping with 610 mm diameter.

Drinking Water Treatment Plant (DWTP):        
With treatment capacity of 350 l/s and two independent lines, comprised of:
- Potassium permanganate preoxidation.
- Prechlorination with sodium hypochlorite.
- Flocculation process with PAX10.
- “Pulsator” decanting with lamella blocks.
- Filtering with number 6 sand filters.
- Post-chlorination with sodium hypochlorite.                


Secondary Branches:
- Anoia: 7,891 m Steel and HDPE DN630.
- Pinós: 1,304 m HDPE DN 110.
- Calaf: 4,183 m HDPE DN 225.
- Bages: 7,760 m HDPE DN 250.
- Prats de Rei: 1,100 m HDPE DN 225.