Arroyo del Soto WWTP

Arroyo del Soto WWTP

Project and adaptation works to the National Water Quality plan at the Arroyo del Soto WWTP (Móstoles, Madrid).

Oct 2015 – Feb 2019
Type of work:
Hydraulic Infrastructures
Treatment plants
9,939,342.33 € (including VAT)

The work to be performed consists of adaptation of the Arroyo del Soto WWTP, located in Móstoles, to the requirements of the National Water Quality Plan, taking into account the present as well as middle term foreseeable characteristics of the flows to be treated by the plant.

Execution of all the above actions must be performed without damaging the quality of the plant effluent, so it may not cease to operate at any time.

Erection of the new elements foreseen shall also require demolition of a fair number of existing elements; some of which are not in operation, while others are, and they must be demolished after their replacements are put into operation.


Technical data

Intake and pre-treatment works:                              
Installation of new sieves (coarse)
Installation of new fine material sieves and conveyor screws.

Primary decantation:
Construction of new primary decanters.

Biological treatment:
Remodelling existing biological reactors.
Construction of new biological reactors (extension).

Other adaptation and improvement actions:
New emulsion removal blower building and motor control centre.New biological motor control centre.
New electrical workshop.
New iron chloride installations and external carbon sources (methanol and molasses).
New thickener float equipment and anti-vandalism protection for the float.
Heat proofing the existing sludge digesters.