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Support Programme for Sustainable and Digital Transport

Within the framework of the Spanish Government's Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PERTE), the Sustainable and Digital Transport Support Programme, financed by the European Union through the Next Generation Funds, aims to support sustainable and digital transport.

Bitumen foaming equipment

Beneficiary: Vialex
Total investment: 57.097€
Amount of the grant: 22.839€

Technology based on bitumen foaming is used in the manufacture of bituminous mixes with the aim of reducing their viscosity and thus reducing the temperature required to optimally envelop the aggregates.

The acquisition of the bitumen foaming equipment brings a number of sustainability improvements to the company's activities. On the one hand, it enables energy savings and, on the other hand, it boosts the circular economy by increasing the use of asphalt material.

Equipment for the reuse of reclaimed asphalt

Beneficiary: Vialex
Total investment: 367.056€
Amount of the grant: 140.000€

The equipment for the reuse of reclaimed asphalt makes it possible to re-integrate materials from bituminous layers of deteriorated pavements or new mixes that have not been used because they are surplus or do not comply with the project specifications. In this way, they are mixed with virgin aggregate, new bitumen and/or rejuvenating agents, in the appropriate proportions. The result is the production of new hot mixes that meet the required standards of quality, strength and durability.

The product that we will obtain with the acquisition and start-up of this equipment will be tons of recycled pavement that will be incorporated in a determined percentage to the final mix of the pavement to be manufactured. This pavement allows savings in CO2 emissions due to the lower energy demand of the process, as well as savings in raw materials and transport.

In-situ recycling equipment for bituminous pavements

Beneficiary: Acsa
Total investment: 1.335.400€
Amount of the grant: 534.160€

The in-situ cold recycling equipment allows the recycling of bituminous mix layers with recycling percentages of up to 100%, although it is usual to add a bituminous surface wearing course.

With the acquisition and commissioning of the in-situ recycler, tonnes of recycled pavement are obtained. This pavement contributes to a significant saving in CO2 emissions due to the lower energy demand during the process, as well as savings in raw materials and transport.

Mobile milling crushing equipment (defragmenter)

Beneficiary: Acsa
Total investment: 1.088.450€
Amount of the grant: 300.000€

The mobile crushing equipment (defragmenter) allows the on-site recycling of materials mainly from demolition of pavements. The application possibilities are very diverse: from direct recycling for the production of asphalt on site, saving mineral and bituminous materials, to obtaining granulated material for the primary road network.

The product obtained with the acquisition and commissioning of the mobile crushing equipment is tonnes of recycled pavement. This pavement generates considerable savings in CO2 emissions thanks to the reduction in energy consumption during the process, as well as savings in raw materials and transport.