Construction of the WWTP and upstream sewer pipes for Artesa de Lleida and Puigverd de Lleida

Construction of the WWTP and upstream sewer pipes for Artesa de Lleida and Puigverd de Lleida

Design and construction of a WWTP and upstream sewer pipes to serve these two towns.

Agència Catalana de l’Aigua (ACA)
March 2021 – June 2022
Type of work:
Hydraulic Infrastructures
Treatment plants
€2,899,051.66 (excluding VAT)
Sorigué Design and Engineering Office Works management by Aquatec
The water generated in the municipality of Artesa de Lleida is collected at a single point by collecting the existing discharge from the sewerage network. A catch basin has been built at the interception point, from where the 235 m sewer pipe now runs to the WWTP. A spillway has been installed in the connecting catch basin to evacuate excess water during episodes of rainfall.

The sewer pipe in Puigverd de Lleida is approximately 2,790 m long. Its route intersects three discharge points of the municipality’s sewerage network. A spillway is provided at each connection point to prevent overflows during episodes of rainfall.

Wastewater collected by the pipes are treated at the wastewater treatment plant, in the east of the municipality of Artesa. 

The solution implemented is a purification process by means of an extended A2/O aeration treatment with two lines. This configuration allows for the biological elimination of nitrogen and facilitates the elimination of phosphorus by means of an anaerobic or fermentation chamber. The treatment of the sludge generated by the purification process is channelled through a treatment line consisting of a thickening treatment and subsequent centrifugal dewatering.

The treated water, after decanting, is fed through the discharge outlet, until the beginning of the outfall in the La Femosa irrigation ditch.

The WWTP has an industrial and control building. It incorporates a photovoltaic electricity generation facility.


Technical data

Excavations for structures               6,500 m3
Structural concrete                          1,500 m3
Structural steel                                 94,000 kg
Formwork for structures                4,300 m2
Excavation of trenches                   14,000 m3
Piping installed                                  3,380 ml
Industrial building                                 300 m2
Ø600 pipe jack under the road              20 ml
Head pumping via 3                             2.2 kW pumps