Remodelling of the electrical installation and energy optimisation of the Cunit-Cubelles WWTP

Remodelling of the electrical installation and energy optimisation of the Cunit-Cubelles WWTP

Design and construction of new electrical switchboards for the Cunit-Cubelles WWTP and improvement of the energy system by means of photovoltaic panels. The work also includes the construction of two buildings for the control centres.

Baix Penedés Regional Council
March 2020 – April 2021
Type of work:
Hydraulic Infrastructures
Treatment plants
€1,059,477.21 (including VAT)
In operation since 1995, the Cunit-Cubelles wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) belongs to the sewage system of the same name. Its design flow of 16,250 m³/day covers the needs of 81,250 inhabitants. 
Following the fire on 15 April 2018, its control room was rendered completely inoperative, affecting the overall operation of the WWTP. In order to reactivate it and as a temporary measure, an electrical switchboard was installed, which starts up most of the systems necessary for wastewater treatment. The present contract not only provides a definitive electrical solution, but also ensures the plant's energy supply through the installation of solar panels.  
The design and execution of the new electrical installations include the following works: 
· New segmented switchboard. 
· New main switchboard for the WWTP. 
· Three new engine control centres. 
· Replacement of all electrical wiring and sub-boards at the WWTP.  
The energy optimisation works include the following: 
· Installation of a 38.74 kWp photovoltaic generation system. 
· Installation of a 200 KVA generator to ensure the operation of the plant's essential equipment and processes in the event of a power cut. 
· Replacement of existing exterior lighting with LED lighting. 
In addition, the contract includes the construction of two new buildings to house the main switchboard, the engine control centres and the generator. These works also include the refurbishment of the burnt hall and the design of the necessary conduits to distribute the electrical networks. 
It is estimated that the electrical installation provided for in this contract will serve an average annual consumption of 1,071,863 kWh. 

Technical data

WWTP installed power 
671.40 kW 
Average monthly consumption 
89.322 kWh 
PV system peak power 
38.74 kWp 
Generator power 
200 kVA 
Low-voltage cabling 
23,271 m