Roadway rehabilitation on Island Highway TF-66

Roadway rehabilitation on Island Highway TF-66

Works to rehabilitate the roadway on the section from kilometer 0+000 to kilometer 5+000, in the Arona municipality in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, due to its state of significant deterioration.

Cabildo Insular de Tenerife
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Junio 2017 – En ejecución
Type of work:
Roads and tunnels
1.481.552 € IGIC excluido

The project consists of rehabilitating the roadway on Highway TF-66 as it runs through the Arona municipality, divided into two sections:
Section 1: From kilometer 0+000 to kilometer 0+350, the roadway is fully rehabilitated, demolishing and/or excavating the existing pavement up to a depth of 20 cm, 20 cm of cement base, and 15 cm of Surf 50/70D AC22 hot-mix asphalt for the wearing course. A curb is also added at the median.

From kilometer 0+350 to kilometer 2+500, 4 cm of milling treatment is applied to the entire surface with 6 cm at the shoulders, completing the wearing course with Surf 50/60 AC16 at 6 cm thickness.
Section : Along this section on-site recycling is carried out with bituminous emulsion (from kilometer 2+500 to kilometer 5+300) consisting of 12 cm of “MAB” hot-mix asphalt (recycled) at the base plus 13 cm of Surf 50/70 D AC16 on the wearing course.


Technical data

Milling of asphalt pavement
106.896 m2/cm

Demolition of pavement
6.300 m²

Hot asphalt agglomerate
17.881 Tn



Cold recycled asphalt aggregate
22.400 m2

Adherent watering
89.448 m2

Road marks
15.972 ml