Renewal of urban development and paving services for the Avenida de Barcelona in Miami – Playa

Renewal of urban development and paving services for the Avenida de Barcelona in Miami – Playa

Renovation and improvement of urban development and paving services for a portion of the Avenida de Barcelona in the Miami – Playa area in Tarragona.

Municipal Government of Mont-Roig del Camp
February - december 2018
Type of work:
Roads and tunnels
Roads and motorways
€3,715,032.00 (VAT not included)

Infrastructural work for a 648 m section of the current N-340 as it passes through the municipality of Mont-Roig del Camp. The project covers a total area of 22,576 m2.
The section will be pedestrianized through the creation of a road with one lane going in each direction in sections at the same level as the sidewalk. In addition, green spaces and a bike lane will be built.
The project includes the demolition of various preexisting structures (roads, dividers, sidewalks) and the removal of current features.
The necessary earthworks will be completed in order to create a new pavement, as well as service ditches.

The work entails creating separate sanitation and rain water networks (with Ø1,000-250 mm SN8 HDPE structural piping), and the renovation of the clean drinking water network (HDPE Ø250-110 mm PN16), including the provisional network. It also includes the creation of channeling prisms for telecommunications and lighting networks. This includes new points with LED lighting.
The main pavement is aggregate; normal for the road, painted dark yellow on sidewalks and with a special treatment for the bike lane. The rest of the sidewalk will feature hydraulic tiles.
The project will also involve the gardening, street furniture, playground areas and sign posts, which includes Smart city improvements to the lighting and signage.