Soil cement project

Ejecución del suelocemento

Soil cement project

The Joint Venture Variant from Vilanova implemented concrete floor units to improve the variant of the C-13 highway pk 13+100 to 23+200. Section: Vilanova de la Barca - Termens.

Joint Venture Variant Vilanova
From July 2013 to September 2013
Type of work:
Roads and tunnels

The work carried out were

A Study of the mixture to obtain the working formula.
Manufacture the mixture: the continuous mobile Intrame GC-500 mixing plant was used.
Preparation of the existing surface: Topographic control of the surface regularity to prevent possible thickness variations.

Transport and spreading of the mix: The transport was carried out using own means. The spreading operation was done using two pavers. The leveling layer is achieved with the placement of guide wires.
Precracking: With swollen plastic sheet.
Compaction and termination: With a pneumatic compactor equipment. Continued topographic control to ensure the surface regularity of the final layer.
Surface protection: A risk of bituminous emulsion.


Technical data

Work formula

Natural screened aggregate 0/40 treated.

Cement type 32,5 N.


Manufacturing the mixture with

A continuous mobile Intrame GC-500: three 10.5 m3 hoppers, a 15,000 l water tank, two 75 m3 cement silos.

Extension mix

Vögele 2100 paver.

Vögele 1900 paver.

Lateral paver.


A 35-tonne Isostatic pneumatic compactor and a 17-tonne tandem roller.