Access roads to the southern zone of the Port of Barcelona

Accesos viarios a la zona sur del Puerto de Barcelona

Access roads to the southern zone of the Port of Barcelona

Construction of new access roads to the southern end of the Port of Barcelona, using a traffic circle. This new access will provide service to all heavy traffic of goods from the South Pier, which in turn is controlled in the new area prepared for this purpose.

Autoridad Portuaria del Puerto de Barcelona
May 2014 - June 2015
Type of work:
Roads and tunnels
11.703.057 €

The rail yard is located underneath the junction, which in the future will allow freight trains to access the BEST container terminal. 

The works have been executed while at all times allowing the port to remain in operation.


Technical data

Removal of preload
Prior to beginning works, the preload was removed, comprising 120,000 m³ of earth.

Special foundation for heavy traffic
A hot bitumen mix is used, specifically designed to be resistant to the intense heavy traffic and to the strain generated in the traffic circles.

Rail yard 
​Comprised of on-site slabs and concrete walls. Includes an ad hoc design for the upper slab, combining prefabricated collapsible slabs and an on-site concrete compression layer.