Extension works on the Ronda Norte de Córdoba ring road and connection with the city’s C-31 motorway

Extension works on the Ronda Norte de Córdoba ring road and connection with the city’s C-31 motorway

Construction of an urban ring road from the area around the Asomadilla Park to the junction with Avenida Agrupación Córdoba and its connection with the CO-31 motorway in the city of Córdoba.

Córdoba Town Council
September 2019 - June 2021
Type of work:
Roads and tunnels
Roads and motorways
€6,761,913.10 (VAT included)
Rafael Ruiz Giménez, Rafael Horcajada Fernández, Pedro Luis de Juan López

Designed for a speed of 80 km/h (AV-80), this ring road is understood as a fast road. However, at the intersection with Avenida Agrupación Córdoba, the speed will be reduced to 60 km/h. The works begin 30 metres from the intersection with Calle Sor Ángela de la Cruz.

The earthworks and the piping of the canal were carried out in this first section, between KP 0+000 and KP 0+500, located to the north of Calle Ingeniero Ruiz de Azúa and over the current Canal del Guadalmellato. The ring road starts with a single lane on the right-hand carriageway before becoming two lanes in the direction of the kilometre markers from Calle Sor Ángela de la Cruz. In the opposite direction, traffic ends at the so-called Roundabout 2, which carries traffic to Roundabout 1 and is not part of the main core. This connection has:  

two lanes to facilitate the exit of traffic coming from the Mirabueno district. Nevertheless, the E-1 structure has been prepared to be able to support two lanes entering the city. The lower roundabout, two slipways and the connection with Fuente de la Salud have been constructed between KP 0+500 and KP 1+000, on Calle Madres Escolapias.

The road turns northwards from Calle Sor Ángela de la Cruz. Formed by two independent structures, this already built crossing allows the organisation of the different traffic flows with an internal diameter of 40 m and three 4-metre lanes. Finally, between KP 1+000 and KP 2+000, two overhead power lines cross each other and move underground. One belongs to Cosmos and supplies the quarry, and the other, 'Cepamsa Chinales', belongs to Endesa and supplies the industrial estate.


Technical data

Structure 1 length
82 m
Structure 2 length
78 m
Structure 3 length
60 m
Earth excavation
40,950 m³
Earth filling 
12,730 m³
Soil selected
21,630 m³
Soil stabilised
49,010 m²
Soil cement 
10,255 m³
Artificial graded aggregate
2,090 m³
Bituminous mixtures 

17,560 T
Rain water/sanitation networks

3,175 m
FD ǿ 800 mm supply
875 m
Lighting network
4,345 m
High-voltage electricity network
760 m
Pedestrian paths
3,010 m
7,560 m³
Reinforced stone wall
4,310 m²