Restoration of Parque del Turó in the Sarrià - Sant Gervasi District of Barcelona

Restoration of Parque del Turó in the Sarrià - Sant Gervasi District of Barcelona

The work takes place inside Parque del Turó, a park situated in the Sant Gervasi neighborhood of Barcelona between the streets of Josep Bertrand, Ferran d’Agulló, Francesc Pérez-Cabrero, Tenor Viñas and Bori i Fontestà. Work does not entail an integral restoration; rather, it will act upon the most urgent needs which affect the local population to the highest degree, such as the space’s maintenance equipment.

Barcelona de Infraestructuras Municipales SA (BIMSA)
Start: November 2017. Duration: 7 months
Type of service:
Environmental restoration

The works have the following objectives:
Restoration of the water lilies lake:
- Emptying of lake, temporary removal of fauna, removal of water lilies and reintroduction of water lilies and fauna.
- New pumps for water recirculation, control unit and filtering.
- Perimeter paving and drainage.

Pathway consolidation:
- Compressed dirt pathways in zones with largest slopes.

Prairie renovation:
- Ground and plant improvements, renovation of 1,800 shrubs.
- Repositioning of grass.

Pruning and prompt repositioning of woodland..

Improvements to irrigation and phreatic network:
- 2% improvement in the old network, new irrigation outlet network, relocation and improvement in the efficiency of the phreatic network control systems.

Rehabilitation of the old Puppet Theater.

Renovation of children’s playground and new generational games.
- Playground area for children from 6 to 12 years of age.
- Incorporation of 6 generational games.

Renovation of bench and trash can furnishings.

Park signage.


Technical data

Superficie lago:
952 m2
Compressed dirt surfacing:
3,055 m2
Planting of trees and bushes:
2,000 units

Planting of trees:
12 units
Grass area:
3,120 m2
Raised wooden walkway:
21 m2

Installation of benches:
121 units
Installation of trash cans:
47 units