Environmental impact corrective measures on the Albinyana-Rodonyà segment of C-51

Environmental impact corrective measures on the Albinyana-Rodonyà segment of C-51

The purpose of this work is to carry out plantings and other corrective measures related to environmental impact on the section of highway C-51 from Pk Pk 10+000 to 19+500. Municipal sections: Albinyana and Rodonyà

Infraestructures de la Generalitat de Catalunya S.A.U.
Enero 2017 - mayo 2017
Type of service:
Environmental restoration

This project includes revegetation of the sides of Highway C-51 along a 9.5 km-long section.
The works to be performed are:

- Ground preparation work for certain surfaces.

- Planting of forest vegetation and medium-sized trees on embankments and in open spaces.

- Hydroseeding of slopes and flat areas.

- Several activities involving landscaping of 2 roundabouts located near the start of the section of highway, in Albinyana. The planned design is similar for both roundabouts.

These actions include:

- Providing a special substrate for planting, filled with crushed materials or ground pine bark, dividers, dry stone walls, planting of medium and large trees and shrubs and annual plantings.

- Other visual integrataion methods, including aging of the concrete and partial or full replacement of Trinter volumetric mesh.
- Measures for the protection of animal life, such as adaptation of drainage works to allow animals to pass through (raised, dry passageways, access ramps, augmentation of slabs, extension of foliage and nest boxes), actions to faciliate crossing of the highway by cattle, and provision of drinking troughs.
- Acoustic isolation of the facades (replacement of windows and carpentry work) and testing of noise levels.



Technical data

Planting of trees:
432 u.
Planting of bushes:
15.520 u.

Access to crossing points:
95 m2
Raised crossing point for fauna protection:
44.3 m
Nest for solitary bees:
50 ut
Acoustic dampening:
67 m2

Dry stone wall:
26,25 m3
Aging of concrete:
5.075 m2
Localized irrigation system for embankment:
12000 m