Improvement works in Torre Roja Park in Viladecans

Improvement works in Torre Roja Park in Viladecans

Improvement and provision of new facilities in two areas of the Torre Roja Park, located in Viladecans, Barcelona: refurbishment of the space named "Jardín cerrado" (Enclosed Garden) and development of the pine forest.

Área Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB)
June 2020 Duration: 5 months
Type of work:
Environmental restoration
The Torre Roja Park improvements include the following works:
• Adaptation of the accesses to the enclosed garden to facilitate accessibility, improvement of the children's playground by standardising the paving and incorporating accessible playground equipment, and certification of the area. Enlargement of the adjoining flower bed and transformation into a dry grassland.
• Rearrangement of the "Jugatecambiental" (Environmental recreation) area with new shrub beds to complement the existing Butterfly Garden.
• Paving of the transversal axis of the park between the enclosed garden and the pine forest, resolving the difference in level between the two.
• Construction of a skip area with an approximate surface area of 555 m².
• Provision of new sports facilities in the pine forest area: 2 sports courts, one with artificial grass equipped as a football pitch and the other as a basketball court, seating designed as a recreational area and ping-pong and futtoc tables.
• Rearrangement of the picnic area with a new layout for the existing tables, installation of new ones and relocation of litter bins. 


Technical data

Accesses and children’s playground
Preliminary work:
Felling of trees, bushes and hedges: 5 units, 20 units and 103 m
Kerb demolition: 254 m
Concrete cobbles: 401 m²
Concrete kerb: 170 m
Wooden walkway: 50 m
Recycled rubber: 188 m²
New equipment: 6 units
Substrate: 83 m³
Hedera helix: 2,781 units
Dry grassland hydroseeding: 516 m²
Environmental recreation area 
Preliminary work:
Felling of trees, bushes and hedges: 1 unit, 12 units and 21 m
Kerb demolition: 306 m
Concrete kerb: 155 m
Bench and bin relocation: 3 units and 3 units
New benches and bins: 2 units and 2 units
Drip piping:  950 m
Substrate: 44 m³
Planting of mixed shrubs: 446 m²
Transversal axis

Concrete cobbles: 375 m²
Concrete kerb: 94 m
Dirt base: 25 m³
Benches: 2 units
Bins: 2 units
Skip area:
Wooden fencing: 63 m
Metal gate: 1 unit
Sports equipment:
Preliminary work:

Tree felling: 9 units

Land levelling: 1,784 m²
Land compacting: 1,284 m²
Concrete stairs and steps: 14 m³
Artificial grass: 606 m²
Concrete + fibres: 638 m²
Benches: 8 units
Baskets and goals: 2 units and 2 units
Bike racks: 4 units
Steel handrail: 68 m
Lighting column: 6 units
Sewage: 168 m
Picnic area:

Picnic table relocation: 10 units Children’s picnic table placement: 5 units
Classic fountain: 1 unit