Landscape restoration of the surroundings of the La Guinardera pond in Sant Cugat del Vallès

Landscape restoration of the surroundings of the La Guinardera pond in Sant Cugat del Vallès

The objective of this project is to restore the landscape and to environmentally organize and improve the La Guinardera pond through the recuperation of its usefulness, improving the vegetation system and connecting it to the community, as it is a center of interest due to its landscape and social and environmental qualities for the business park and commercial center that surround it. Furthermore, it is situated at one of the most important entrances to the municipality from the Rubí highway.

Municipal Government of Sant Cugat del Vallès
May 2018 - August 2018
Type of service:
Environmental restoration

To carry out the landscape restoration work and environmental improvements on the La Guinardera pond, the following tasks are performed:
- Emptying of the tank for waterproofing: a provisional base is created for the collection of native fauna, as well as the management of native fauna, especially the Florida turtles.
- Removal of invasive species (Arundo Donax), and manual planting of a mixture of native seeds.
- Clearing, trimming, removal of dead trees and dead branches.

- Earthworks to define the boundaries and bottom of the pond, as well as the waterproofing with EPDM butyl sheet and integration of the top part of the waterproofing.
- Installation of a breakwater which reproduces a gravel beach with a natural look.
- Installation of mono-specific structured grassland with Plant Pallet coconut fiber, vegetated with reeds (Phragmites australis). The work also includes the installation of multi-specific Plant Carpet grassland, as well as the installation of Fiber Roll with fully grown halophilic plant.
- Installation of floating vegetated islands with halophilic plants to complete the naturalization of the pond.


Technical data

Area of water sheet:
  7,212 m2

Total water volume:
13,661 m3

394 m

Water level:
137.88 mm

1.14 mm EPDM sheet:
10,484.53 m2

200g/m2 of geotextile:
20,969.06 m2

Arundo donax removal:
628 m3

Manual planting of native seeds:
650 m2

Floating vegetated islands with halophilic plants:
60 m2

Plant Carpet multi-specific grassland:
170 m2

Plant Pallet mono-specific grassland:
51 m2

Fiber Roll with halophilic plant:
66 m