Can Solei i de Ca l’Arnús Park Improvements in Badalona

Can Solei i de Ca l’Arnús Park Improvements in Badalona

Carrying out comprehensive improvements at Can Solei i de Ca l’Arnús Park in Badalona, Barcelona. The project will cover 11,600 m², split up into 8 improvements across different areas of the park.

Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB)
Start: March 2020. Duration: 6 months
Type of service:
Environmental restoration
The eight improvements at Can Solei i de Ca l’Arnús Park are divided by area, with planning proposals along with improvements to the site to enhance the ways the public use the park. These improvements include:  
  • Upgrading access to the park from Avinguda de Navarra and the area next to the centre for environmental education. 
  • Repairing the square in front of the Ca l’Arnús manor to encourage use of this area considering its agricultural history.  
  • Paving the ramp next to Lola Anglada primary school with concrete.
  • Upgrading and opening the Ca l’Arnús manor’s garden. 
  • Repairing the Clock Tower’s roof and structure. 
  • Improving access to the play area from Carrer de Sant Bru by making changes to its topography. The side of the new ramp rests on a new plant-covered slope, softening the approach.  
  • Planning the wall separating the park from surrounding buildings.  
  • Lighting for the Riera Canyadó – Sant Bru section of the park.  

Technical data

Avinguda Navarra 

Civil works: 
Corten steel curb: 75 m 
Concrete pavement: 62 m3 
Wooden walkway: 3 m2 
Benches:  10 units 
Vines supplied and planted: 40 units 
Drip tubing: 370 m 
“Ocellaire” Square 
Civil works: 
Wooden edging boards: 350 m 
Corten steel handrail: 50 m 
Benches:  6 units 
Bins: 3 units 
Felling: 10 units 
Trees planted: 25 units 
Flowered field: 1,338 m2 
Shrubs planted: 150 units 

Anglada Ramp 

Civil works: 
Concrete pavement: 96 m3 
Corten steel wall:  39 m2 
Concrete sphere bollards: 27 units 
Benches:  9 units 
Stumps shredded: 1 unit  
Opening the garden
Civil works: 
Gabion structure: 18 m3 
Corten steel curb: 350 m 
Benches: 5 units 
Bins: 2 units 
Felling: 30 units 
Shrubs and vines planted: 275 units and 4,220 units 
Drip tubing: 1,600 m 

Playground access
Civil works: 
Granite rock garden: 30 m2 
Corten steel curb: 63 m 
Corten steel handrail: 21 m 
Felling: 5 units 
High-altitude felling: 3 units 
Shrubs supplied and planted: 30 units  
Flowered field: 158 m2