Aqueduct bridge at Agramunt

Aqueduct bridge at Agramunt

Coutex, Equipos y Proyectos, S.A., performed the remodelling and improvement of the aqueduct bridge (Pont de Ferro) at Agramunt (Lleida) on the Urgell Canal.

Comunitat General de Regants dels Canals d' Urgell
From November 2013 to February 2014
Type of service:

Raising the canal height to 3.4 m including the necessary structural reinforcements to bear the greater water load and modify the pre-existing structure.

The present Agramunt aqueduct, known as 'Pont de Ferro', was completed in 1877. It replaces the first aqueduct built in 1857 and that was completely destroyed in the major flooding of 23rd September 1874. Its function is to allow the Urgell Canal cross the river Sió.
The works performed by our company consist of increasing the bridge section, raising the top part, which allows its flow to be increased from 28 m3/s to 37 m3/s.

The company has foreseen the impact that this increased flow and raising the height has on the structure of the aqueduct. The design has included reinforcement of the base and the sides of the aqueduct that have been perfectly integrated in the existing works.
Coutex, Equipos y Proyectos, S.A. performed the action maintaining the exterior aspect of the bridge from 1877. Its extension shall be fully integrated in the preceding structure that has been declared an Asset of Local Interest by the Local Government of Agramunt.