Sorigué opens a new center in Tarragona

Inauguració de la nova seu de Sorigué a Tarragona
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Sorigué opens a new center in Tarragona

The new center, completed with an investment of 4 million euros, has an area of 5,000 m² and is located in the Riu Clar Industrial Polygon, just off the A-27, very near to the main regional population and economic hubs.
November 24, 2016

Sorigué, a leading company in urban and industrial services, construction, engineering, and water technology, has opened its new center in Tarragona, generating more than one hundred direct jobs and strengthening the group’s service offering in this province.

The opening of this center is a reflection of Sorigué’s commitment to this region, where it has worked since the 1970s when the companies AFICSA and Cumesa began operations.

With these facilities, the group seeks to strengthen and consolidate its presence in Tarragona and the Ebro Lands, contribute to the development of this region, and fully meet the needs of its clients through greater specialization and expanded service offerings.

This opening falls within the business group’s Strategic Plan, which has been supported by the company’s President, Ana Vallés, and operates under the motto “Grow by creating growth”, working toward sustainable growth through diversification, innovation, job creation, talent development, and social return. At this new center, the group will continue to invest in innovation and sustainability, and will maintain its commitment to human capital through the promotion of knowledge and talent.

“Our presence in Tarragona is an example of the group’s growth strategy, based on the talent of the people that comprise our team; the business group’s commitment to innovation and desire to give back, so that from this new center, we may continue to develop projects, create jobs, and promote sport, culture, and the well-being of the people of Tarragona” explains the President of Sorigué, Ana Vallés.

The building

The building which houses the new Sorigué offices in Tarragona was designed by 080 Arquitectura. The facilities are located on a 5,000 m2 plot, which includes space for some 800m2 of new offices and 2,000 m² of workshops and warehouses. The building has been enclosed with prefabricated reinforced concrete panels and finished in breathable, waterproof and texture-less zinc. The building takes advantage of natural light using skylights and vertical translucent faces made of polycarbonate, and it produces energy with solar panels installed on the roof of the offices, earning the building an energy classification certificate.

Operations in Tarragona

Sorigué works in various important sectors in this province, including infrastructure, water-related services, and the petrochemical industry. Examples, among many others, include: maintaining of the navigability of the Ebro River, rehabilitation of the San Pedro and San Pablo reservoirs, construction of industrial buildings for stripping and painting at the Ascó and Vandellòs nuclear plants, and the project to implement corrective measures in the tunnels of the CAT (Tarragona Water Consortium).
In addition, Sorigué has for some years worked with important institutions and organizations in the province, such as the Quick Intervention Brigade for Maintenance of Public Roadways of the City of Tarragona, the Maintenance Contract for CAT Piping, and the Maintenance Contract for Civil Works at the Port of Tarragona. Sorigué also performs specialized services such as maintenance of green spaces and landscaping in the City of Tarragona, maintenance of the sewer system in Salou, and maintenance of the sanitation and waste recycling system in Torredembarra.

“Our new facilities offer clear evidence of what Tarragona and the Ebro Lands represent to Sorigué. We have worked here since the 1970s, and we want to continue to contribute to the development of this region”, explains Sorigué President Ana Vallés.


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