New salt and potash distribution terminal at the Barcelona Port

New salt and potash distribution terminal at the Barcelona Port

Construction of a new loading and transportation terminal for salts at the Barcelona port for the company Tráfico de Mercaderías, S.A. (Tramer), a company affiliated with ICL.

Tráfico de Mercancías, S.A. (ICL)
March 2018 (19 months)
Type of work:
Other infrastructures
€46,700,000.00 (VAT not included)

The goal of the project is to improve the distribution of salts extracted by the company at several mines. The new terminal will allow for the material to be distributed from the Álvarez de la Campa dock at the Barcelona Port to deep draught ships.
The project falls under the ICL’s Phoenix strategic plan to increase the tons drawn from mining salt and potash, which are in high demand in the global chemical industry.
The new loading and unloading terminal will consist of two hangars for the storage of potash and vacuum salt made of combined steel-concrete structures with rectangular floor prints measuring 240 m x 50 m and 150 m x 59 m respectively, separated by a 10 m wide hallway.
There are also plans for an outdoor storage area for de-icing salts as well as a vacuum salt hangar. The outdoor infrastructure will cover 35,000 m2.

The terminal will also include an unloading terminal for lorries (with a capacity of 300 Mt/hour), an unloading terminal for trains (with a capacity of 7,500 Mt/day), a parking area for lorries, an office building, and track-bed platforms for the entry and maneuvering of trains in the terminal (four tracks: two for unloading and two for maneuvering that are approximately 450 m in length).
In addition, two harbor cranes will be installed at the dock by ICL for loading deep draught ships.
An entire circuit of covered conveyor belts on a metal structure, as well as chutes and sifting equipment, will also be installed.


Technical data

Hangars and office buildings, truck and train unloading areas
21,750.00 m2    Area of hangars/warehouses
35,000.00 m2   Infrastructure area paved in concrete with fibers and services
600.00 m2        Area of two-story office building
5,153,862.00 kg  Structural steel
1,310,264.88 kg B500S Steel in ribbed rebar for the structure
3,248.04 m3     Laying slabs of HA-35/L/12/IV+Qb concrete in thicknesses of 45 cm, 60 cm or 80 cm
6,652.43 m3     Concrete of different strengths for cementing and structure
16,705.00 m2    Double free-standing metal roof
34,852.69 m2   Facade enclosure with simple steel profile Vault that is 44 mm in height, with a usable width of 860 mm and depth of 0.75 mm
12,743.74 m2 Roof made of 2 fretted steel sheets

Handling & conveying system

212,625.20 kg Steel boiler for chutes and others
2,649.90 m Conveyor belt with power head for transporting potash and salt
Various ud Sifting equipment, dynamic oscillating equipment, a dust removal system, valves, penstocks, electrical industrial vibrators and other mechanical system equipment.

Train platform

1,535.62 m Track assembly on a concrete slab “on site” with three embedded rails
5,061.00 m New unused UIC track weighing 54 kg / m and R350 HT (hard) rails, in accordance with UNE EN 13674-1, on site.
1,812.61 m3 HA-35/B/20/IV + F concrete for a slab track made onsite