Remodelling the railway tracks and platforms at the Plaça Catalunya station owned by Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat

Remodelling the railway tracks and platforms at the Plaça Catalunya station owned by Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat

Bringing the Plaça Catalunya station up to FGC’s new train requirements and refurbishing platforms and pavement

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya, FGC
January 2022 - July 2022
Type of work:
Other infrastructures
1.686.183 € (excluding VAT)
UTE Acsa e Infraestructuras Trade

Crews will work full weekends with both tracks completely out of service, ensuring they are placed back into service on Monday, which means protection officers and crew managers are needed. This project is broken down into two major groups of work: platforms and tracks. 

Track renewal 

This part of the project will reset the horizontal profile of the Plaça Catalunya station’s concrete slab track to adapt it to the FGC’s new requirements. This will require the controlled demolition of the current slab through removal and milling. As the current exterior ducts will no longer be used and they will be removed, drainage water will be redirected towards central ducts with a larger flow area.  

After the track bed has been milled and reset, tracks will be laid down with new fastenings and anchored and drilled into the concrete. Each one of the fastenings require formwork filled with high strength grade, levelling mortar. 

Afterwards, the surface finish for the concrete slab track is evened out using flexible mortar for a uniform texture and colour. 

Platform work 

This involves repairing platform edges and the walls they sit on since they are in poor condition and show profile loss, with areas where even reinforcement is exposed. 

Concrete will be removed both vertically and horizontally to completely repair poorly maintained walls, and any exposed reinforcement passivated. For better bonding between the repair mortar and the refurbished wall, metal connectors are added to the surface. Permanent metal framework is used to shape the new platform edge profile, which is attached to the vertical wall and rested on the metal drilled structure concealing the platform cabling. 

Pavement work 

Part of the work involves completely replacing the platform’s pavement and setting up new routes for blind people. Furthermore, the platform’s elevation will be modified to fit new FGC trains and make it easier for people with reduced mobility to get off the train. The pavement used is FGC-approved. They are mostly prefabricated concrete (terrazzo) modular pieces with a non-slip relief in FGC grey.