Construction of storage unit and new chairlifts at the Formigal--Panticosa ski station

Construction of storage unit and new chairlifts at the Formigal--Panticosa ski station

Execution of civil works for the installation of new chair lifts for Lanuza and Pico Royo, as well as the construction of a drive room, functioning as storage for the Lanuza chairlift seats in the Sarrios region (altitude of 1,789 m). In addition, adaptation works were carried out on the new pistes.

Formigal, S.A. (Grupo Aramon)
July–November 2020. May–November 2021
Type of work:
Other infrastructures
€1,353,054.29 (including VAT)

The project took place in the Formigal-Panticosa ski station in Huesca. It included two separate assignments: the first was the civil works for the installation of two new chairlifts, the second was the construction of a new storage unit to store the equipment during the summer.

The work for the placement of the two new chairlifts at the Formigal-Panticosa ski pistes involved the creation of the foundations of the drive station for the chairs and the top terminal, as well as all the tower footings. The Lanuza chairlift was constructed in 2020 and the foundations for the Pico Royo chairlift will be laid in 2021. All the earthworks for the new ski pistes have also been carried out with transverse drainage, as well as works to manufacture and install and longitudinal ditches.

The newly created slopes have also been stabilised, and in some cases the placement of geogrids was necessary.

The second assignment has provided a storage unit for the seats in the summer. The project has been fully completed, from the earthworks for the construction of the unit and a 50-metre-long, 7-metre-high wall, to the placement of the metallic structure and its corresponding enclosure. Furthermore, a switch system for the haul rope has been installed to easily insert the chairs into the unit. An office has also been built inside the unit for the station staff. 

Technical data

Earthworks 158,700 m³

Concrete for foundations 1,800 m³

Iron for structures 36,000 kg