Infrastructure development and viaduct in the “Ca n’Alemany” district

Infrastructure development and viaduct in the “Ca n’Alemany” district

Development of the PPU-01 – PA-02 and viaduct in the environs of the “Ca n’Alemany” district of Viladecans, Barcelona. Consortium: Sorigué, Rubau and Aqualogy.

Consorci Urbanístic Parc Empresarial Activitats Aerospacials Viladecans. DeltaBCN
June 2013 - Present
Type of work:
Other infrastructures
Residential development

A viaduct was built to link highway C-32, the Viladecans urban center and the “Ca n’Alemany” district. The main viaduct is 179.15 meters long (as determined by the dimensions of the stormwater pond and its immediate environs), with lights distributed as follows: 38.82+50.00+50.00+38.2m. The batteries are located within the stormwater pond.

The infrastructure works are now underway and are being completed, including all services; road connections are being made between the sector and the recently built viaduct; and hydraulic control systems are being completed.

The activities currently underway can be described in greater detail as follows:

•development of roadways and connections between the district and the remaining infrastructure;
•service networks; sanitation systems, potable water, electricity supply, non-potable water, gas, irrigation, public lighting, and telecommunications;
•construction of a new bridge over the railway lines on the Vila highway;
•activity on the bridge that spans highway C-32;
•creation of a stormwater pond with a capacity of 90,000m3;
•formation of the entry canal into the pond and spillway for the Sant Llorenç stream;
•pumping station for extracting water from the stormwater pond;
•partial channeling of the Sant Llorenç stream;
•storage and pumping of non-potable water
•creation of gabion walls to contain the earth in parcels adjacent to the new roadways.