Road improvements in the Port of Tarragona


Road improvements in the Port of Tarragona

Tarragona Port Authority (APT)
Type of work:

Special surface treatment was applied that evened the surface and improved its use. With regard to site redistribution: the vehicle lane was narrowed and the two lanes for recreational use were widened: one for walkers and runners, the other for skaters and cyclists.

Finally, the jetty separation posts were repaired, the rubbish bins replaced, the sports lanes painted and new kilometre posts installed. In addition, a rest area was created halfway along the route.


Technical data

Surface improvements

Removal of the existing speed bumps.

Milling and restoration of specific areas in poor condition.

Filling in of holes and gaps with concrete.

Application of a high-performance treatment, 1.5-cm thick, using the RUGOFIR system.

Reorganisation of the site

3-m wide lane on the land side of the road, for cyclists and skaters.

4.5-m wide central lane for service vehicles.

2-m wide lane on the sea side of the road, for pedestrians and runners.