Ramellat pumping station

Ramellat pumping station

Repairs for the Rabasa-Fenollar-Amadorio pipeline. Lot 4 Connection of the Mutxamel desalination plant with the pipeline. Ramellat Pumping Station.

Confederación Hidrográfica del Júcar
September 2015 - July 2016
Type of work:
Operations, repairs and refurbishment
2.174.000 €

This project forms part of the emergency actions taken within the Júcar Hydrographic Confederation to combat the effects of the drought that occurred during the 2014-2015 hydrological year. The main objective of Lot 4 is to connect the Ramellat Reservoir with the Rabasa-Fenollar-Amadorio pipeline and the shutter tank.


The approach taken is to create a pumping station that receives water from the Ramellat Reservoir and pumps it to the new delivery site through a pipeline that is 800 mm in diameter. The three main actions are: the pumping station, the connection with the existing pipeline, and the final delivery reservoir. 

The pumping station is comprised of a 172 m² building separate from the suction tank. It is divided into two rooms: one for pump equipment and hydraulic components, and the other for all electrical and remote-control equipment.
The pump group is comprised of three parallel pumps. The pumps are connected inside the building to a main DN 800 collector, which exits the property until it meets the old pipeline, from there duplicating the old piping until it reaches the delivery site. The necessary safety and control instrumentation has been included for proper operation of the facility. 

The medium-voltage electrical connection used to service the pumps begins at the Mutxamel desalination plant, a facility which has also been connected via fiber optics with the pump and the shutter.
The interconnection casing, 69 m² and made of reinforced concrete, has been designed to allow various operational maneuvers. It consists of a system of four manual DN800 valves that allow two pipes to be connected to one another. 

The delivery site is a 25 m² semi-sealed reinforced concrete casing, connected to the existing shutter through two DN600 pipes. It is planned as a load-break casing using a 2.4 m-high spillway. The components connecting to the pumps and the system control signals are installed on this structure, as well as a photo-voltaic installation which will supply the equipment with energy. 


Technical data

Estación de Bombeo

-    3 ud bomba vertical 500 kw, 735 m3/h 149 m.c.a.
-    1 ud calderín 15.000 l
-    16.000 kg calderería acero PN25
-    Valvulería y ppee en PN25 y dn 800, 600, 500 y 400 mm.
-    2.800 ml acometida L.S.M.T. 
-    Centro transformación eco 20000/400 V  2.000 kva
-    Cuadro de potencia y control
-    Cuadro de compensación de energía reactiva.        


Conducciones, arqueta de conexión y obra de entrega

-    676 ml conducción FD dn800 C30 y ppee
-    9.200 kg calderería acero PN25
-    5 ud válvula mariposa biexcéntrica dn800 PN25
-    Caudalímetro dn600
-    8.500 ml fibra óptica comunicaciones
-    Cuadro de telecontrol
-    Sistema de alimentación fotovoltaico
-    Equipo de comunicación remota