Construction of two water tanks in Sant Pere i Sant Pau

Construcción de dos depósitos de agua de 12.500 m3 cada uno

Construction of two water tanks in Sant Pere i Sant Pau

Construction of two water tanks, each with a capacity of 12,500 m3, by building a post-stressed concrete structure over the existing tank in Muntanyeta de Sant Pere i Sant Pau Replacement of existing inlet and outlet piping with 316L stainless steel. Supply and placement of a prefabricated structure to form the cover with 30 cm-thick alveolar slabs.

Septiembre 2015 – diciembre 2016September 2015 - December 2016
Type of service:
Operations, repairs and refurbishment
1.703.612,26 €

The work is being carried out in 5 phases:
Phase 1 (demolition of cover) Mechanical demolition of the existing 15 cm reinforced concrete dome through the use of a remotely controlled robot suspended from a 250 metric ton crane.
Phase 2 (weather-proofing of the outer shell): Repair of the existing tanks’ walls using repair morters and subsequent weather-proofing through the application of bituminous paint and geotextile sheeting for drainage.
Phase 3 (internal structure of new tanks): Pouring of foundation slabs, 20 cm floor slab and 30 cm walls consisting of frame, post-stressed cables and shotcrete.

Phase 4 (internal piping and access hole): Replacement of stainless steel inlet and outlet pipes, as well as the construction of a new access hole below the current floor slab,.
Phase 5 (prefabricated structure and final finishes): Supply and assembly of the cover structure using 30 cm alveolar slabs, followed by placement of a 5 cm compression layer, weather-proofing with asphalt cloth applied with hot bitumen and placement of drainage gravel, perimeter railing and walkway between tanks. 


Technical data

3,500 kg of 316l stainless steel piping per tank.

53,000 kg of corrugated steel per tank.

11,100 ml of post-stressed cable per tank.
850 m3 of concrete per tank.