Demolition of the San José II tank and construction of the new San Miguel tank

Demolition of the San José II tank and construction of the new San Miguel tank

The job has consisted of the demolition of the San José II tank, out of service due to its poor condition, and the construction of the new San Miguel tank in the same location to ensure the supply of drinking water to Torremolinos. In addition, the inlet and outlet piping of the structure have been renewed.

Aguas de Torremolinos.
October 2017 – August 2018
Type of service:
Operations, repairs and refurbishment
€2,667,522.59 VAT included

1.- Implementation of a 20,000 m³-capacity tank in two vessels through a reinforced concrete structure, made of slabs that are 0.45 m thick, perimeter and central walls of a 0.50 m thickness, roof of alveolar slabs supported by 8 girders 0.60 m x 0.75 m and 2 of 0.45 m x 0.75 m of 56 ml length supported by 100 pillars.
2.- Implementation of key booths and auxiliary booths with taps and boilers which allow for the correct regulation and maintenance of the system, as well as access to the interior and roof of the tank.
3.- Connection of the new San Miguel tank, with both the inlet pipes coming from the San José II tank and the outlet pipes to the new

tank with the current distribution network for drinking water. Both the inlet and outlet pipes have been updated.
The tank has a floor of 57.00 x 81.00 m² and a height of 6.00 m, with a total area of 4,674 m², tap and auxiliary room aside. For this the following has been used among others: 3,530 m³ of concrete, 314,666 kg of type B-500-S steel, 4,707 m² of accessible, waterproof roofing through FPO flexible sheets protected by 8 cm filter slabs, 6,572 kg of Schedule 10 stainless steel in the boiler room, 13,030 m², 156 ml of ductile iron piping Ø 500 and 143 ml of Ø 350.                            


Technical data

Reinforced concrete
Accessible roof: Alveolar slabs
Ha-30 Concrete: 3,530 m3
20 cm slabs: 4,705 m2
Interior: Mortar 13,030 m2br />  
FD Ø 500 156 ml


B-500-S steel: 314,666 kg
Ha-30 Concrete: 235 m3
Roof: FPO flexible sheets: 4,705 m2
FD Ø 350 143 ml

8 cm filter slab: 4,705 m2
Sch10 Stainless steel: 6,572 kg