New ecological flow system at the Almendra Dam

Sistema de vertido de caudal ecológico en la presa de Almendra

New ecological flow system at the Almendra Dam

The Almendra Dam is located in the Tormes River Basin, at the border between Salamanca, Zamora, and Portugal. This dam is the highest in Spain, with a maximum height of 202 m, while the Villarino Drops are some 410 m high (electricity generation). The current state of the dam requires installation of a new ecological flow line that ensures the supply of water to the Tormes River, maintaining the required environmental conditions.

Iberdrola Generación, S.A.
July 2015 - April 2016
Type of work:
Dams and irrigation networks
520,000 € (VAT excluded)

The activities to be completed include:

- Demolition of the under-sluice tunnel and removal of the existing 1800 mm-diameter piping using a diamond circular saw and continuous sample extraction. The volume of demolished concrete exceeded 110 m³.
- Drilling of the face of the dam with a 600 mm diameter drill, using nearly tangential 300 mm-diameter and 7 m-long drills to pass through the piping for the new ecological flow line.
- Supply, prefabrication, and assembly of a new 1800 mm-diameter under-sluice section in carbon steel with branches of 900 mm for a future mini-plant and 500 mm for the ecological flow line.

- Building, testing, and assembly of the new 1800 mm-diameter circular Bureau gate in the under sluice.
- Supply, manufacture, and assembly of new ecological flow line in 500 mm-diameter stainless steel.
- Assembly of two 500 mm-diameter gate valve units, one motorized.
- Assembly of 350 mm-diameter hollow jet valve on the ecological flow line.
- Chamber concreting.
- Hydraulic connection of the new mechanical parts, as well as the electrical systems.