Manzanares el Real Dam

Manzanares el Real Dam

Renovation works for the old intake pipeline of the Manzanares el Real dam in Madrid.

Canal de Isabel II Gestión
July 2015 - April 2016
Type of work:
Dams and irrigation networks
280,000 € (VAT excluded)


The Manzanares el Real Dam, also known as the Santillana Reservoir, is located on the Manzanares River, and its main function is to supply drinking water to the Community of Madrid

The actions performed are intended to improve access to the under sluice security gates through the tunnel which houses the old intake piping, reconditioning the piping that passes through said tunnel.

The activities to be carried out, in order of execution, are as follows:

- Adaptation of existing access points and construction of a new tunnel access route.
- Disassembly and removal of 108 m of existing DN1000 steel piping in the tunnel.
- Demolishing of concrete anchors in the chamber and tunnel using a diamond circular saw and a pneumatic crusher.
- Supply, assembly, and welding in the tunnel of 216 m of 8 mm-thick DN700 carbon steel piping, installed on a steel support structure assembled at two levels.
- Formwork and pumped fluid concreting of the entire tunnel piping, embedding the piping and supports lengthwise throughout the length of the tunnel.
- Repair of the tunnel lighting system.