Repair works on Manzanares River Dam Number 9

Repair works on Manzanares River Dam Number 9

Manzanares River Dam Number 9 is located 200 meters downstream from the Puente de la Princesa and is comprised of two 17x3.8 m Tainter gates which are long enough to retain river water when closed for landscaping, recreational, and sporting purposes. The gates are equipped with flap valves that exceed regulatory minimums. Along the left side there is a fishway which is ineffective and must be refurbished.

Ayuntamiento de Madrid
2017 – 2018
Type of service:
Dams and irrigation networks
512.000 € (VAT excluded)

The primary goal of this intervention is to improve of the main issues with the Manzanares River Dam Number 9. The first issue is the deficient condition of the cylinder supports (one of which has lost all support), which impedes activation of the gates.

The second issue is that the current fishway does not meet its objective, as the opening is too far from the dam and at a height that prevents use by cyprinid species.

Prior to beginning works, the plan and design are prepared in collaboration with the expert engineering firm SERS Engineering and Architecture Consultants.

In addition to the main activities, the following issues are also addressed:
- Deficient condition of the covering of the gates, requiring sandblasting and painting.
- Repair of the existing faces and walls, which have suffered wear and loss of concrete.
- Leaks in the technical rooms, which require weatherproofing.
- Adaptation of the service walkway: sandblasting, painting, implementation of the diffuser system, and installation of foam deflectors.
- Stone bedding along the slabs of the gates to facilitate the passage of cyprinids.
- Fencing and final touches.