Installation of protection components for the El Pontón de la Oliva Dam

Installation of protection components for the El Pontón de la Oliva Dam

Works for installation of enclosures, protections, and rails in the area of the Madrid Dam.

Canal de Isabel II Gestión
10 months
Type of service:
Dams and irrigation networks

Installation of fall and detachment protection components, designed expressly for use in the area of the El Pontón de la Oliva Dam. 

This facility was the first of its kind constructed in Madrid (in 1851) during the reign of Queen Isabella II to bring water from the mountains to the capital and supply Madrid with high quality water.

The dam is currently not in use and now receives a large numbers of tourists and recreational activities (climbing and hiking).

- Installation of new fencing and enclosure components, both on existing pavements and on previously created pathways.

- Assembly of gates integrated with the design of the fencing at sites where people or vehicles must pass through.

- Installation of dynamic protective screens to protect from materials falling from the mountain.

- The slope along the right side can be divided into two sections: the upper inclined section, and the vertical rock section where the walkway is located.

- Dynamic screens and enclosures will be installed at the ledge between both sections, protecting the walkway and the reservoir from any materials falling from the hillside. 


Technical data

Services to be performe

Disassembly of 600 m of existing railings, respecting the supports which are of special interest.

Off-site manufacture:
Off-site manufacture of fencing and railings in furnace-lacquered galvanized steel.

Special on-site assembly:
Special on-site assembly of the fencing and railings manufactured off site.
A total of 730 m of railings and 81.23 m² of fencing will be installed.

500kJ dynamic screen:
Execution of 170 m of dynamic screening for protection against falling rocks.

Human resource

Off-site personnel:
Qualified personnel for off-site prefabrication of railings and fencing.

On-site assembly personnel:
Assembly workers for on-site assembly of fencing and railings, including a special vertical works team for particularly difficult portions.

Support staf

Specialized workshop:
Workshop specialized in furnace-lacquered galvanized steel, with guarantee of thicknesses requested in the technical specifications.

Lifting elements:
Use of cranes of varying capacities for unloading and placement of sections in hard-to-reach areas.