Installation of three valves in the piping of Barcelona’s water network

Installation of three valves in the piping of Barcelona’s water network

Installation of three valves with a diameter of 1,400 mm in existing concrete pipes with steel plate core, at three different points on Paseo Manuel Girona in Barcelona, as part of the maintenance service for Barcelona's drinking water network.

Aigües de Barcelona. Empresa Metropolitana de Gestió del Cicle Integral de l’Aigua, S.A.
July 2019 – September 2019
Type of service:
Distribution networks

The work began with the deployment of equipment, traffic diversions, vertical and horizontal signage and the necessary collective safeguards.
Firstly, a set of micropiles (DN 145 TM-80) were installed at each position as a base where a galvanised steel plate and perimeter beams were subsequently placed to reinforce and obtain a shaped shoring throughout the entire excavation.
The excavation was carried out in stages as the shoring was being completed. At the three working positions, a set of hydraulic components (DN 1400 mm) was installed, consisting of a butterfly valve, dismantling joint, tees for connecting a bypass and, finally, the flanges to align the new assembly with the existing concrete pipe with steel plate core.

During the connection stage, the affected section of pipe was removed by making the necessary cuts before assembling the hydraulic components mentioned above.
Once the hydraulic connections were finished, workers built the reinforced concrete boxes and laid the covering slabs. Afterwards, the access stairways and platforms were installed. Lastly, the perimeter covers were made with granular material and the esplanade and pavement were restored, subsequently replacing all horizontal and vertical signage.


Technical data


3 squad leaders
2 officials and 3 assistants
10 labourers and formwork carpenters
7 welders
3 rotary excavators (18 t)
3 mobile cranes weighing 40, 60 and 90 t

Civil work data

510 ml micropiles 
472 m3 excavated area
160 m3 concrete
177 m2 asphalt pavement

Hydraulic data

3 valves DN 1,400 mm
3 dismantling joints DN 1,400 mm
6 tees DN 1400
6 flanges DN 1400