Drinking water distribution networks

Drinking water distribution networks

Maintenance, conservation and construction of drinking water distribution networks for Sociedad General de Aguas de Barcelona, SGAB.

Sociedad General de Aguas de Barcelona, SGAB
Contract in execution with a term of 6 years
Type of service:
Distribution networks
15,000,000 €/year (ex-VAT)

Repairing all breakages that affect the network and its connection to new buildings and installations of SGAB subscribers. Performing programmed pipe renewal works and/or implementation of new pipes.

This agreement covers two distinct services: Maintenance of the drinking water network: that is repair of all failures that affect the water network of Aguas de Barcelona. This is unscheduled work mainly acting on polyethylene pipe, cast iron and reinforced concrete pipe with metal sleeve. It also includes connection of new buildings and installations for subscriber service to the SGAB network.

The work is scheduled and comprised of installation of the pipe, installation of flow meters and execution of the inspection cabinets.

Maintenance of water network channels: consisting of carrying out scheduled pipe renewal works and/or implementation of new pipes of different types of materials and diameters.


Technical data

Services to be performed

(Mains pipe maintenance)

Number of mains connections:
220,000 mains connections.
3,000 new mains connections per year.
13 connections per day.

Breakages attended:
10,000 breakages/year.
27 breakages per day.

RERA actions:
1,150 actions per year.

Service resources

(Mains pipe maintenance)

Mains pipe staff:
125 operatives assigned to the service. Includes 365 day a year call-out team.

Mains pipe vehicles:
More than 40 vans and more than 15 trucks.

Mains pipe machinery:
Works machinery type: cranes, diggers, etc.

Main data 

(Channel maintenance)

Km of channels: 4,600 km total on the network 
New channels: 70-75 km/year. 300 m/day.
No. of operatives: 150.

Pipe typology 

(Channel maintenance)

Dimensions: Small diameters between 90 and 300 mm.
Large diameters: between 400 and 1,600 mm.
Pipe materials: Polyethylene, cast iron, reinforced concrete with metal sheath, etc.