Connection of Torrelaguna – Pinilla supply systems

Conexión sistemas de abastecimiento Torrelaguna – Pinilla

Connection of Torrelaguna – Pinilla supply systems

The connection between the Torrelaguna and Pinilla supply systems is intended to provide sufficient volume and water supply security to the municipalities of Bustarviejo, Valdemanco, Cabanillas de la Sierra and Navalafuente, which belong to the Pinilla System. The project includes a first channeling phase, followed by a second phase consisting of the construction of the pumping and electrical connection station.

Canal de Isabel II Gestión
2011 – 2017
Type of service:
Distribution networks
3,500,000 € (VAT excluded)

Some of the outstanding features of these activities, and the supplies required, are:

-Channeling consisting of 3,770 ml of FD DN500 pipe and 1,900 ml of FD DN600 pipe.

-Execution of 48 ml of rock drilling for DN800 steel pipe, with the installation of FD DN500 PN 16 and DN400 PN64 pipe with restrained joints.
-On-site creation of 24 reinforced concrete chambers to house flow meters, pressure reducing valves, drains, relief valves, and gate valves along the entire length of the section.
-Construction of pump sump with reinforced concrete parameters and a pumping station building
prefabricated with concrete panels and 

concrete beam structure, with a roof structure to house hydraulic equipment (pumps, valves, surge tank, instrumentation, etc.), as well as operating and control panels.
-On-site fabrication of suction and discharge collectors up to PN40, for the installation of two 500 kW motorized pumps and 10 m3 hydropneumatic surge tank. Supplies included.
-Supply and installation of CS and 1,250 kVAS power transformer.
- Creation of a medium-voltage 20 Kv underground line, 2000 ml long, consisting of 3 unipolar, aluminum cables with a cross-section of 240 mm2, radial field, with HEPRZ1-H16 12/20 kV type insulation.