Maintenance of supply, sewage and rainwater networks in the municipality of Beniel

Maintenance of supply, sewage and rainwater networks in the municipality of Beniel

Maintenance and upkeep work of the water supply, sewage and rainwater drainage, as well as small network extensions which did not require a construction project.

Sermubeniel, S.A.
Type of work:
Distribution networks
€155,975.19 /year (excluding VAT)
In force for two years and with a maximum of five years for its execution, this contract covers the maintenance and conservation services of the municipal aqueduct in Beniel, Murcia.  
The 54.5 km of the drinking water network are made mostly from polyethylene and ductile cast iron for a distribution of more than 750,000 m³ per year, managed by 17 remote control points. 
The service also includes the 34.2 km long sewage system with diameters ranging from 150 to 1000 mm.  
In addition to minor civil works, repair and maintenance work that does not require a construction project was also carried out. 
The works include labour, machinery and materials. For its part, the municipal company Sermubeniel is responsible for supplying hydraulic materials, such as pipes, special parts, joints, valves, frames and covers. 

Technical data

Main information
Number of connections: 1090
Km of pipes: 54.5 km of supply pipes, 34.2 km of sewage pipes
Treatment facilities: 2 tanks, 733 manholes, 1253 gutters

Service resources
Personnel: Two appointed operatives. Includes a team on-call 365 days a year.
Vehicles:  A hybrid electric van. A lorry for loads under 3.5 t.
Machinery: Site machinery such as pavement cutters, drainage pumps, etc.

Type of pipelines
Dimensions: Diameter between 40 and 250 mm in supply networks. Diameter between 150 and 1000 mm in sewage networks.
Pipe materials: Polythene, ductile cast iron, PVC, etc.