Functional and environmental remodelling works at the Coma-ruga port in Tarragona

Functional and environmental remodelling works at the Coma-ruga port in Tarragona

Functional and environmental optimisation of the current infrastructure through the opening of a new access, the correction of structural problems and the elimination of dilapidated elements, among other actions.

Coma-ruga Yacht Club
December 2019-April 2021
Type of work:
Maritime work
€1,366,630 (excluding VAT)
With the aim of making the port a dynamic element for the town of Coma-ruga and facilitating all kinds of maritime activities, these works improve the state of the facilities and correct serious structural problems. From an environmental point of view, the two most important actions are the construction of a new access and the closure of the eastern inlet.
After the demolition of the elevated walkway over the beach, new access is built at beach level + 0.30 cm. Regarding the eastern inlet, it was essential to close it to prevent the continuous entry of sand into the port, which meant that dredging had to be carried out almost daily. 
The main construction carried out was:
  • Closure of the eastern inlet
  • Opening of a channel between the two docks
  • Urban development of the port
  • General dredging of the docks
  • Building the port square
  • Extending the north dock
  • Installation of a new lever on the pier
  • Remodelling the Claraboia Ponent, Claraboia Llevant and Ponent Nord docks
  • Extending the western side of the T-dock
  • Concrete for underwater walls
  • Underwater work with a team of professional divers building new underwater docks
  • Improvement of the western hydrocarbon area.
  • Improvements in the dredging tank and dry dock areas
  • Renovation of the electrical installation, drinking water network, pedestals and cleats
  • Renovation and adaptation of lighting
  • Renovation of the metal fence on the north dock
  • Manufacture and installation of mooring ballast
  • Horizontal signage 
  • Planting of trees

Technical data

Key figures

2,400 m3 Demolition of concrete docks
13,110 m³ Dredging materials to position underwater walls
3,800 m³ Earth excavation
2,800 m³ Laying of stone on foundation pavement walls
5,400 m³ Backfilling walls 
3,075 m³ Crushing of materials
2,200 m³ Concrete for underwater walls

Human resources

Onshore works:
1 senior civil works officer
4 civil works labourers
1 senior bricklayer
4 bricklayers
1 senior electrical officer and 1 electrical assistant
1 senior landscaping officer and 1 landscaping assistant

Underwater works:
1 team leader
4 professional divers

Mechanical resources

150 t crane truck
80 t mobile crane
50 t mobile crane
30 t crane truck
Hitachi 470 long reach boom
Backhoe loader
Self-propelled vibratory roller
Pavement milling machine
Truck with concrete pump
Asphalt paver
Underwater works container