Improvements to the installations connected to the TK-1400 storage tank at the Enagás LNG Plant

Improvements to the installations connected to the TK-1400 storage tank at the Enagás LNG Plant

Execution of a series of corrective actions and improvements in order to bring the TK-1400 LNG storage tank installation — at the flammable liquids dock of the Port of Barcelona — into optimum operating and safety conditions for people in terms of its structural condition. The actions include: the replacement of metal and Tramex railing; the manufacture and assembly of a new access staircase located outside the tank and reaching up to the dome; the installation of new service lines; and the refurbishment of the footbridge around the perimeter of the tank’s dome.

Enagás Transporte, S.L.
April 2016 - July 2017
Type of service:
Industrial supplies and assemblies
€412,684.90 (excluding VAT)

The main activities carried out in this improvement project were: 

  •  Cleaning and painting of the tank's metal components, including the stairs, line markings, hardware and dome guardrail, as well as all the tank's mechanical supports.
  • Replacement of all fixed and spring supports of the different lines covering the tank.
  • Replacement of the insulation on the cryogenic lines for LNG.
  • Design, manufacture and assembly of a new vertical staircase for accessing the tank’s dome.
  • Replacement of all existing guardrails at the base and dome of the tank.
  • Restoration of the tank’s fire protection line.
  • Replacement of the metal Tramex on all platforms and steps with new GRP Tramex. 
  • Installation of new service lines (plant water, nitrogen, and service air) from their connection point in the area at the base of the tank with plant service lines up to the dome of the tank. 
  • Inspection and calibration of tank safety valves.
Throughout the course of these works, painting, mechanical assembly, cryogenic insulation, and structure design teams took part, with personnel specialised in work at height.

Technical data

Metal structure assembly 45 t
Cryogenic insulation 354 m2
Spring and cryogenic supports 12 units

S275JR steel guardrail 200 m
GRP Tramex for platforms and steps 45 m2
Painting of metal components 175 m2

Installation of new service lines 480 m
PSV 18” calibration 3 units