230 homes, garages, and commercial premises at Residencial Argos in East Seville

230 homes, garages, and commercial premises at Residencial Argos in East Seville

Construction of main building of 190 homes and two units of 20 homes each, making a total of 230 homes, garages, commercial premises and tertiary premises in the area of east Seville.

Edificio Goya 63, S.L.
August 2018 – May 2020
Type of work:
€21,011,225 (excluding VAT)
Atrio, architecture studio
Construction of a total of 230 homes, garages, and commercial premises in a building with capacity for 190 homes and two adjacent units each with capacity for 20 more, in the area of east Seville.

The foundation and retaining walls are made of foundation slabs and reinforced concrete walls. The load-bearing structure through reinforced concrete pillars and core walls and horizontal waffle-grid framework with sunken coffers and solid reinforced-concrete slabs. 

Exterior wall cladding composed of multilayer cladding, half-wall of perforated ceramic brick to cover and self-supporting lining. Above-ground enveloping system on façades through ETIS system, aluminium composite panel, cement-wooden composite panel according to area. 

Coverage composed of layer of M-5 mortar slope formation, adhesive waterproof double layer LBM(SBS)-30-FV+ LBM(SBS)-40-FV, geotextile separating layer and 4 cm M-5 cement mortar regulation layer.  

On the flight deck, 14×28 cm ceramic tile flooring is included, 85 mm filtering and insulating tiles in communal rooftop areas, porous concrete 35 mm surface and in private rooftop areas 30×30 stoneware floor tiles and ceramic skirting board.

Interior divisions made from plasterboard sheets, using a double half-brick wall for separations between homes and tertiary use and communal and local zones without defined use. 

Porcelain stoneware coating on step of interior stairs in habitable spaces; class 32 laminate surface and skirting board in homes; matt porcelain stoneware tile flooring in large format and continuous mass concrete and/or printed surface in zones of other use. Printed concrete flooring in recreational courtyards, coloured tiles, artificial grass, terrazzo tiles and synthetic decking pool flooring in non-living spaces.


Technical data

Execution period 22 months.
Foundation/ structure   16,694 m³ of concrete for foundation and structure. 41,687 m² of formwork. 1,747.354 kg of B500S corrugated steel.
Brickwork: 72,624 m² of plasterboard sheets for panelling, partitioning and ceiling. 44,864 m² of masonry for half-brick walls, breeze blocks and patching.

Cladding: 40,310 m² of tiling and flooring. 11,685 m² of ETIS façade.