Waste collection and street cleaning in Torredembarra

Waste collection and street cleaning in Torredembarra

Collection of the town’s municipal solid waste: paper and cardboard, glass, plastic containers and organic waste, as well as bulk waste and pruning. The service also includes street and bin cleaning.

Torredembarra Municipal Council
From July 2010 to July 2018
Type of service:
Urban utilities
Road cleaning, Urban waste collection

The service includes the collection of refuse from homes, businesses, public buildings, public events, establishments and public facilities within the Torredembarra municipal limits. It also embraces the washing and maintenance of containers on the public roads.

Collection is carried out by means of side-loading containers on the streets and door-to-door, in the old town. Street cleaning is carried out using a teams made up of self-propelled sweepers and manual operators. The contract contemplates cleaning the municipal streets and thoroughfares, squares, public areas and municipal facilities.


Technical data

Number of inhabitants

15,000 permanent.
45,000 in high season.

Type and amount of waste managed

MSW: 6.050 tonnes per year.
Paper and cardboard: 420 tonnes per year.
Containers: 265 tonnes per year.
Glass: 385 tonnes per year.
Organic: 1.100 tonnes per year.

Collection vehicles

Side-loading collectors-compactors.
Ancillary twin-compartment electric truck.
Open-container electronic vehicle.
Container cleaning truck.

Cleaning vehicles

Self-propelled cleaners with dust removal systems and pressurised water.