Collection service for all waste fractions in the town of Masquefa

Collection service for all waste fractions in the town of Masquefa

Municipal service for the collection of the five municipal waste fractions and their subsequent transport to treatment facilities.

Ayuntamiento de Masquefa
4 years with a possible 2-year extension
Type of service:
Urban utilities
Urban waste collection

The town has two different areas where several collections take place: the town itself and the housing developments.
The collection of the five fractions is carried out by two side-loading collection trucks. The washing process is performed by a special tool for the specific type of container. A light vehicle is used to carry out the pre-collection, revision and urgent attention services, among others.
This vehicle is powered by electricity in an effort to reduce emissions and respect the environment.

A garden waste collection service is also provided with boxes strategically located in the town, in addition to a bulky item collection in support of the collection carried out by the town’s own brigade.
A third-sector company has been hired to maintain the containers in an effort to promote the reinsertion and integration of people with disabilities.


Technical data

General information
8,514 inhabitants
Duration of service:
4 years + 2-year extension
Number of containers:

Human resources
Waste collection personnel:
Specialist drivers and operators
Total number of workers:
3 drivers
1 specialist operator

Material resources
Collection vehicles:
Two side-loading collection vehicles, one with a lateral lift for rear loading containers.
One light electric vehicle with open-top container.
Additional services:
One inspection vehicle.
One open-top container vehicle with platform and hoist.
One open-top container lorry with grappler.
One container cleaning tool.