Remodelling of an area of Sa Riera park with sensory stimulation games

Remodelling of an area of Sa Riera park with sensory stimulation games

An area of Sa Riera park has been remodelled with a new concept in universal accessibility. Equipment simulating various conditions of disability through textures, shadow play and interconnected paths.

Palma Town Council
Balearic Islands
September 2020 – April 2021
Type of service:
Street furniture and playgrounds
€506,140.97 (excluding VAT)

The proposed remodelling of the Sa Riera park socialisation area takes the concept of accessibility a step further. It is a circuit that impacts all the senses so that children can have fun while recognising various difficulties for people with disabilities. Various limitations are simulated by means of textures, unevenness and shadows. This experience stimulates the development of sensory skills.
Seen from the air, the ensemble looks like a flower and in detail it is made up of several interconnected spaces:
· The play area has been remodelled with dunes of different heights covered with artificial grass.
· The dunes are crossed by a series of circular mini tunnels covered with a shadow structure.

· A rest or meeting area has been created with curved benches presided over by an ornamental fountain.
· Curved sensorial paths have been designed to interconnect the different environments.
The main route has been created with differentiated textures on the floor and wall so they can be experienced with both hands and feet.  The secondary routes connect the main route with the cafeteria, the playground and other adjacent spaces. In addition, the areas located between paths are fitted out as gentle landscaped embankments with native trees to provide shade and shrub species to create aromas. The works have been completed with information signs created according to universal accessibility criteria.


Technical data

Surface areas
Green spaces: 1,100 m²
Paths: 400 m²
Playground area: 555 m²
Square and fountain: 175 m²
Total works: 2,230 m²
Plant species
Ceratonia siliqua
Citrus sinensis
Cydonia oblonga
Pyrus calleryana
Quercus ilex
Bauhinia variegata
Morus alba pendula
Prunus cerasifera
Prunus dulcis
Cistus albidus
Salvia nemorosa
Origanum majorana
Rosmarinus oficinalis
Allium roseum
Lavandula dentata
Arbutus unedo
Pistacia lentiscus
Lonicera implexa
Santolina chamaecyparis
Helichrysum stoechas