Comprehensive remodelling of Plaza de Concha Méndez in Madrid

Comprehensive remodelling of Plaza de Concha Méndez in Madrid

Plaza de Concha Méndez in Madrid has been remodelled to offer greater accessibility and spaciousness. Its transformation includes the children's play area, the renovation of the gardens and the adaptation of the rest areas.

Chamberí District Madrid City Council
Type of work:
Street furniture and playgrounds
Located at the crossroads between Calle Bretón de los Herreros and Calle Fernández de la Hoz, Plaza Concha Méndez in Madrid's Chamberí district has recovered its vocation as a play and meeting space with children's equipment, street furniture and bio-healthy options. In addition, the comprehensive remodelling has removed physical barriers to make the green area more spacious and accessible. The works include: 
• Demolition of pavements and disassembly of existing street furniture. 
• Demolition of planters, adaptation of flower beds and renovation of plant species. 
• Relocation and extension of children’s playground and installation of new equipment. 
• Extension of the dog-friendly area.
• Creation of a bio-healthy area. 
• Replacement of stairs and ramps by new accessible ramps in accordance with current regulations. 
• Renovation of lighting with LED lights. 
• General drainage improvement in the square and renovation of irrigation installations. 
• Paving of the square with grey, red and black octagonal granite slabs. 
• Installation of a corten steel kerb. 
• Surfacing of side pavements. 

​The project formed part of the Framework Agreement for refurbishment, repair and conservation works for all the public buildings and spaces under the authority of the Chamberí district of the Municipal Council of Madrid, Plot 4: Public Spaces. 


Technical data

Total paved area 
· 717 m² grey, red and black granite slabs. 
· 246 m² hydraulic slabs 
· 67 ml granite steps 
· 125 m² rubber floor in children’s playground 
Total landscaped area 

· 464 m² landscaped area 
· 93 m² dog-friendly sanded area 
· 1,960 shrubs 
· 3 units shrub species 
· 3 replanted trees 
· 108 m² three-dimensional geogrid 
Children’s playground equipment  
· 1 spinner bowl 
· 1 seesaw 
· 1 spring set 
· 1 swing set with two seats with basket seat 
· 42 ml-coloured children’s fencing 
Street furniture 
· Bio-healthy area with two pedal sets 
· 9 wooden benches 
· 20 wooden armchairs 
· 7 bins 
· 109 ml double handrail 
· 36 ml mesh fence