Dismantling and demolition of the Cristóbal Colon thermal power station

Dismantling and demolition of the Cristóbal Colon thermal power station

Dismantling of all the existing installations and equipment inside the old turbine building of the Cristóbal Colón Thermal Power Station in Huelva, as well as complete demolition of the building and auxiliary facilities.

Endesa Generación S.A.
Type of service:
Industrial supplies and assemblies

Dismantling and demolition of the old turbine building in the Cristóbal Colón Thermal Power Station, including: removal of fibre cement (roof and facades); dismantling of auxiliary equipment and installations (condensers, lubrication equipment, overhead crane, etc.); mechanical demolition of the turbine building, old office buildings, warehouses and auxiliary buildings; and removal and management of CDW and HW.

The works include asbestos removal, classification and management of hazardous waste, manual demolition, manual dismantling of equipment, mechanical demolition with large excavators and demolition robots, vertical work and work in confined spaces, inertisation and cleaning of tanks, pipes and service galleries, live electrical work, removal of CDW, recycling of rubble, and filling of holes below ground in the building foundation.


Technical data

Volvo ECT750EL rotary chain track excavator weighing 110 t. Maximum working height with demolition arm: 42m; maximum reach with excavator arm: 28m
Two chain track excavators weighing 50 t and 35 t respectively.
Demolition robots, articulated platforms, scaffolding, trucks, mini wheel loaders, etc.

Deadline and teams
Execution in 9 months.
Work teams made up of personnel highly specialized in demolition work, asbestos removal, manual dismantling, up to a total of 35,000 man-hours.

Demolitions and fillings
Concrete demolition: 23,450 t.
Removal and handling of HW (fibre cement): 215 t.
Dismantling of installation equipment: 2,650 t of ferric materials.

Primary operations
Manual dismantling of GI - GII - GIII powertrains (turbine building) and auxiliary installations.
Dismantling using a high tonnage overhead crane and mechanical dismantling using machinery with dismantling components.
Mechanical demolition of the turbine building using heavy machinery.