Automatic cable rake screen

Reja de cable automática

Automatic cable rake screen

This is a longitudinal cable rake screen. It is ideal for great heights of water or deep shafts, without restrictions on discharge height or channel width.

Cleaning is carried out frontally using a rake that travels along a fixed guide on the frame. It is driven by cables.



The screen bars, made from carbon steel, are blasted with metal particles, to a Swedish Standards Organisation grade of SA 2 1/2, and then covered with corrosion-resistant paint. Alternatively, they can be made from galvanised stainless steel.


Technical data

Drive unit

The drive unit comprises a stainless steel shaft mounted on bearings and a hollow shaft geared motor.

Transmission by cables and reel drums located on the drive shaft.

Cables guided by guide pulleys.

Three-phase asynchronous electric motors with IP-55 protection.

Screen cleaning

Oscillating rake with teeth to clean the bars.

Articulated rake on roller carriage that travels vertically using cables (2), along the frame guide.

The rake is driven by a geared motor and a spindle that permits variation of the guide pulley distance.


Monobloc frame made from steel sections with anchoring frame to building works.

Rake cleaning

Plastic-coated rake cleaning scraper.

Oscillating scraper arms with cushioned action.


Bars inclined 85º from the bottom.

Screen made up of independent bar modules.