Expanding and improving the cremation area of Montjuïc cemetery in Barcelona

Expanding and improving the cremation area of Montjuïc cemetery in Barcelona

Building a fifth cremation chamber for Montjuïc cemetery featuring energy efficient systems and an automated control and viewing centre.

Cementiris de Barcelona S.A.
June 2021 - December 2021
Type of service:
Integral installations

Montjuïc cemetery needed a fifth cremation chamber and general improvement to its infrastructure in order to meet the vast demand for incineration.  

Lined with fire resistant bricks, the new chamber comes with a 270 kW primary chamber and a 350 kW secondary post-combustion chamber. 

It runs on natural gas and has a minimum operating temperature of 850ºC, and features controls for ensuring proper combustion, air injection, filtration, cooling, exhaust and ash removal.

This fully automated system features a graphical touch-screen interface making it easy for operators to control and monitor and also comes with an automatic door for inserting and removing ashes.  

Plus, this structure helps regulate the building’s temperature thanks to a 70 kW recovery system that reuses part of the combustion heat. 

This project included civil engineering and interior architecture works, as well as assembling the feeding system and operator protection panel and starting up the filtration and exhaust facilities along with the electrical, ventilation, gas and, climate control fire protection systems. 


Technical data

Service resources

Heavy duty crane:
Unloading, stockpiling, and placing the chamber. 

Building the facilities and connections

Equipment details 

Primary chamber measurements:  
2500 x 1100 x 960 mm 

Stainless steel 

Weight of chamber: 
13,500 kg 

Chamber specifications 

Heating power of primary chamber: 
270 kW 

Heating power of secondary chamber: 
350 kW 

Minimum operating temperature: