Installation of a photovoltaic solar panel for self-consumption at Constraula's headquarters

Installation of a photovoltaic solar panel for self-consumption at Constraula's headquarters

The service, carried out by the group’s company Axer, consists of supplying and installing a 78.3 kWp photovoltaic solar panel for self-consumption in the building of the company Constraula located in Calle Caracas, Barcelona.

Constraula Enginyeria i Obres, S.A.U.
March - April 2019
Type of service:
Integral installations

The work, carried out by the group's company Axer, consisted of the supply and installation of a photovoltaic panel for self-consumption of less than 100kW on the roof of the building at 11 Calle Caracas in Barcelona in accordance with Royal Decree 15/2018 and Royal Decree 244/2019. 

The construction has been integrated into the existing structure and occupies the entire area to maximise the use of space, the panels and the other elements. 


Technical data

Electricity generation elements and systems
Photovoltaic field projected on the roof by installing panels that are integrated into the existing structure. 

Photovoltaic field
Consisting of 10 parallel strings of 22 panels in series, 2 parallel strings of 21 panels in series and 1 parallel string of 8 panels in series. As each panel is 290 Wp 0/+5 Wp, the arrangement equals a total installed power of 78.3 kWp. This implies 66.50 nominal kW from two 27 kWn inverters and one 12.5 kWn inverter.

The photovoltaic panels are installed according to the direction of the architecture, which is 10°SW. On the south side, the panels are installed coplanar with the roof (with an inclination of 5º-6º), while on the north side they are installed at an inclination of 10º (5º to 6º with respect to the horizontal axis). Although not considered to be optimal, this inclination allows the maximum annual irradiation to be captured to improve energy yield.